Quezon City Shuts Down Funeral Home For Decomposing Bodies Inside

October 19, 2016

MANILA, Philippines – The Quezon City government yesterday shut down for good a funeral parlor along A. Bonifacio Avenue in Barangay Paang Bundok near La Loma after city health officials’ recovered over 100 rotting cadavers inside, violating provisions of the sanitation code.

According to city health department chief Verdades Linga, they thought that there were only some 50 unclaimed bodies inside Henry Funeral Homes during a surprise inspection last Friday.

But when they returned yesterday, Linga said the city health department has filled over 96 cadaver bags, which may contain two or more bodies.

“Most of the cadavers have already been stocked for a long period of time,” Linga said.

“Kung hindi ito naagapan, pwede tayong magkaroon ng epidemic dito,” she added.

Linga said health workers applied disinfectant to the cadavers, which were placed in black bags, to prevent a possible epidemic.

She noted that it is imperative that the cadavers be buried within 48 hours to not compromise the health of the community.

She said most of the corpses were in advanced states of decomposition and have attracted a horde of flies and rats.

City civil registrar Ramon Matabang said he has already made preparations for a mass burial in the Bagbag Public Cemetery.

However, he said the management of Henry Funeral Homes has made separate arrangements with the Manila North Cemetery for burial preparations.

Last September 23, a cease and desist order was already issued by the city health department to the management of Henry Funeral Homes for its failure to secure the necessary sanitary and health permits.

However, the funeral parlor, which was being managed by a certain Severino “Boyet” Mancia, continued to accept unidentified bodies even as the stench of rotting corpses spread to nearby houses and caused some residents to fall ill.

The city health department has already received numerous complaints from nearby residents on the foul odor emanating from the funeral home.

Blanquita Angeles, whose three grandchildren suffered from respiratory diseases, was among those who filed the complaint.

“Sobra na po iyong amoy. Masakit na po sa dibdib,” Angeles said.

Matabang said he would also look into the reports that Henry Funeral Homes is operating without a business permit.

“Ang balita kasi tatlong taon na nag-ooperate ang Henry na walang business permit. Ito ang iche-check namin,” he noted.

According to Matabang, his office will also coordinate with the legal department for the filing of appropriate charges against the owner of Henry Funeral Homes.

Aside from the Henry Funeral Homes, he said eight other funeral homes have already been issued with cease and desist orders by the city health department for violating provisions of the sanitary code. – MBL


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