Binay Urges Duterte To Get Treatment For Mental Illness

April 23, 2016

MANILA, Philippines – Presidential aspirant Vice President Jejomar Binay on Friday urged his rival Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to immediately seek professional help and undergo a full mental and physical examination.

Binay said the stress of the campaign may be taking its toll on the mayor’s mental and physical health.

“Hinihikayat ko si Mister Duterte na magpatingin na agad sa psychiatrist. Mukhang sobra na siyang naaapektuhan ng stress sa kampanya,” Binay said.

“I also urge him to undergo a full physical examination. Siya mismo ang nagsabi na siya ay may malubhang sakit, at ayaw natin na may masamang mangyari sa kanya. I invite him to avail of these healthcare services for free in Makati,” he added.

Binay issued the statement following a report that Duterte has “narcissistic personality disorder” or “extreme self-conceit.”

The report also said the tough-talking mayor has a “pervasive tendency to demean, humiliate others and violate their rights and feelings” and “difficulty controlling his urges and emotions.”

The report cited as source the assessment results of Duterte’s psychological tests that were used as basis for the annulment of his marriage to first wife Elizabeth Zimmerman in 2000.

The issue involving Duterte’s psychological state came out following his rape comment that earned the ire of different groups, including some women’s rights advocates that filed a complaint against him before the CHR for the “derogatory” remark.

Duterte earlier invoked his freedom of speech to defend his “slurs” against women and his comment that he should have been the first to rape an Australian lay missionary.

But Binay said Duterte’s invocation of freedom of speech could be a manifestation of a deteriorating mental state.

He said he cannot understand why Duterte, a lawyer and former fiscal, is “apparently confused about the concept of freedom.”

Binay said the mayor should know that “freedom comes with responsibility and accountability.”

“It is not freedom from responsibility and accountability, especially when you not only demean women but violate their rights,” he said.

“This could be due to his psychological condition. May kalayaan daw siyang insultuhin ang kababaihan at pagtawanan ang panggagahasa. Anong klaseng salita ‘yan?,” he added.

The Vice President said Duterte should assure the public that he is of sound mind and body, especially if he is to become president.

Binay said he still hoped that Duterte’s mental and physical conditions have not worsened “because of the stress of dealing with reality.”

“No God-fearing person wishes harm on another person, even his political enemies,” he concluded. – AIB


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