LTFRB Imposes P3M Penalty On Bus Firm With ‘Colorum’ Units

April 8, 2016

MANILA, Philippines – The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has ordered a bus firm to pay a fine of P3 million for operating out-of-line.

In a two-page order dated April 5, the LTFRB said the three units of United Land Transport and Bus Company Inc., also known as Ultra Bus, with plate numbers AAI-9134, AAI-9133, and AAI-9130, operated without securing a special permit last Christmas season.

The board said the bus firm’s violations were discovered when the LTFRB conducted surprise inspections of bus terminals last December 22 and 30 for its “Oplan Krismas” operation.

Under the Joint Administrative Order (JAO) 2014-001, a P1 million fine is meted to a colorum bus.

“Here, three buses operated outside its authorized route. Hence, a total of P3 million,” said LTFRB board member Ariel Inton Jr.

In view of the findings, the LTFRB also cancelled the franchise of its 10 units.

The board gave the bus company five days from receipt of the order to surrender all the yellow plates of the involved buses.

The LTFRB said all these units are blacklisted from being used as public utility vehicle.

Meanwhile, another bus firm called WEGA Transport Corp. was penalized P1 million, also for operating outside its route without a special permit that same period.

Inton hoped that these stiff sanctions will serve as a warning to bus operators not to engage in colorum operations.

“Operators should not just ignore LTFRB Circulars and violate them,” he said.

“We will impose the proper penalty, however harsh it is, in order that they will not do it again and for others not to follow their bad example,” he added.


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