Summer Is Officially Here – PAGASA

March 18, 2016

MANILA, Philippines – Filipinos can now expect warmer days ahead as the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) officially declared the onset of the dry or summer season today.

PAGASA weather forecaster Shelly Ignacio said the “cold” northeast monsoon season has ended and that the easterlies or warm winds from the Pacific Ocean replaced it as the prevailing wind system.

The northeast monsoon or “hanging amihan” is the cold wind from China and Siberia that blows into the country, usually from mid-October until early March.

It is associated with the Christmas season.

Ignacio noted that once the northeast monsoon stops blowing, the easterlies start to come in, signaling the start of the dry season.

During summer months, Ignacio said the easterlies and the
high pressure area (HPA), which is the opposite of a low pressure area (LPA), will be the dominant weather systems in the country.

She noted that both the HPA and the easterlies will bring high temperatures and good weather conditions to the country in the coming days.

She said the North Pacific HPA, which is a weather system consisting of warm air circulating over the Pacific Ocean, is the one blocking the entry of the northeast monsoon towards the country.

She noted that this North Pacific system would become more active during these times of the year.

With the onset of summer and the effect of the El Niño, she said temperatures in many parts of the country, including Metro Manila, could climb up to 37 degrees Celsius in the coming days.

However, she noted that passing rains, especially in the afternoon or evening, is still possible due to localized thunderstorms or convections.

Citing climatological record, she said the dry or summer season in the country normally lasts until middle of June.

In the next two to three days, Ignacio said the country will continue to have good weather condition.

Aside from possible afternoon or evening rains due to localized thunderstorms, she said the whole country will experience partly cloudy to cloudy skies until Sunday.


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