PAGASA: Onset Of Summer Season Nears

February 26, 2016

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) on Friday said the country is now in transition period from cold to dry season.

PAGASA weather forecaster Robert Badrina said the state weather bureau is already near in declaring the onset of dry or summer season because the cold northeast monsoon has started to weaken.

Although it is not completely gone, Badrina said the northeast monsoon in the coming days will likely affect Northern and Central Luzon only and may not reach the rest of the country anymore.

He said the termination of the northeast monsoon will likely take place early next month.

The northeast monsoon or “hanging amihan” is the mass of cold air from China and Siberia that blows into the country from mid-October until early March.

Once the northeast monsoon is gone, Badrina said warm air from the Pacific Ocean will start to blow into the country, signaling the start of the dry or summer season.

He noted that the state weather bureau might officially declare the start of dry season by mid-March.

During summer months, Badrina said the warm winds from the east or the easterlies and the high-pressure area (HPA) will be the dominant weather systems in the country.

The HPA, which is the opposite of the low pressure area (LPA), is a weather system consisting of warm air circulating over the Pacific Ocean.

Citing climatological records, Badrina noted that the summer season in the country normally lasts until middle of June.

Until tomorrow, he said the northeast monsoon, which brings cloudy skies with passing light rains, will continue to affect Northern and Central Luzon.

He said a tail end of a cold front, on the other hand, will bring cloudy skies with light to moderare rains over the eastern sections of Southern Luzon and Visayas until Sunday.

He said the rest of the country, including Metro Manila, will have partly cloudy to cloudy skies with possible isolated rains due to localized thunderstorms within the next two days.

Badrina noted that the country will continue to be spared from tropical cyclones until Sunday.


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